The Prodigal Son

Baiyoke Tower 

We are looking out over Bangkok from the Bayoke 
from here can see just how big Bangkok is and 
how well laid out it is . The amount of overhead 
toll roads makes getting from A to B much easier 
A tremendous amount of labour and cement has gone into 
building this great city it is truly awe inspiring 

I like this shot showing me with the backdrop of 
the city and the diversity of building architecture styles 
not boring and the population in 2010 was 8.2 million ..
Bangkok is Thailand's capital and is a large city known for 
ornate shrines and vibrant street life . The boat filled Chao Phraya
River feeds its network of canals Flowing past the Rattanakosin Royal 
district , home to the opulent Grand Palace and its sacred Wat Phra Kaew Temple 
Nearby is Wat Pho Temple with an enormous reclining Buddha
and on the opposite shore , Wat Arun Temple with its steep steps 
and Khmer-style spire .. Wat Arun is the Temple of the Dawn..

Here we are at the fruit buffet to the left of Apple can see the 
sweet dishes . There was a lot of interesting ways that the 
fruit was presented . A lot of curries a little too hot for me but 
took note and will make some for myself the Jackfruit curry was 
especially tasty .. Here is a recipe 
Heat oil in a skillet over a medium heat 
when hot , add cumin , mustard and nigella seeds 
let them sizzle and pop 
Next add coriander , turmeric ,black pepper and mix well . 
Then add pureed tomato , salt and Jackfruit . 
Uncover and cook for a few minutes to thicken

Eli has been to the gold shop and loves his new bracelet . 
Gold is an investment and does not lose it's value .. There 
are more gold shops in Bangkok and Asia in general also 
India is another place where gold is king . it is used as a safety net 
for hard times and can be converted into cash when needed in the most
extreme moments . It is more than just jewellery and has a know and 
mostly stable value . There is something about Gold even if it was not 
a precious metal it is very noble . 

Very luxurious setting a charming room with light wood 
panelling . There was a welcome drink of mango juice and we 
took a table near the buffet . The curries were a little sharp for me 
but nonetheless I tried a small taste and the Jack Fruit was very good
A hostess heated the nan bread and that was good for scooping 
and took a little of the bite off the curry for me .

This moment being with my son and g/f will keep me going 
with fond memories for time to come . And it is my belief good 
positive memories add years to one's time on earth so 
I say a big thankyou to both of these dear ones for their company 
Elijah especially for coming all the way from Australia to see me 
and arriving on Father's Day 2017 thank you Elijah . 
He like me needed a sea change and we both got it in so many ways .

Dear one APPLE the great Thai lady she is born on Songkran 
April the 13th an absolute Tinker Bell of charm and loves 
Me and she tells me she Loves my family also well she has not met 
them only Elijah so far and let's keep it that way . 
I do remember being at a far flung Mega Border Market 
Zhonglu near Cambodia and she helped me by picking out clothes 
as Christmas presents she did it so carefully she does love clothes and 
Has had a shop selling the same  . I love her more each day sometimes . 

Good to see you Dear Elijah a man with a heart of Gold and now 
wearing it on his sleeve . Golden hearts and Golden bracelets
are all precious . You look happy and that makes me a very happy old 
Blacksmith . Yes I was a blacksmith for nearly 20 years . Must have loved it 
There was not a lot of money in it dirty hard work it was ..  Now I am 
relaxing in Bangkok in the pool ..

I cannot say enough about this good lady she is with me to the end 
which is in sight but not next week we hope . Apple is a fire cracker at 
times but I don't bite back she has my interests at heart always and looks 
After me like a baby . She would have been a super Mum . To see here 
with kids is to see love in action and they love her too . we all do .
Dear one Tinkerbell . 

The last of the fruit buffet on the 44 floor of the Beyoke 
Tower . I will come again some day . A most relaxing although very 
Popular spot recommend it to all and sundry a new view of 
The KOK .. 

Next we looked for a dentist Elijah had a few to be done 
and had already been to another dentist but he was closed . It was 
Saturday and he closed at midday . No problem there are dentists
On every corner here and he was in getting an appraisal immediately
Next after a short discussion he was in for about an hour or more and   
reappearing with 8 fillings done for 4000 TB. 

Apple had a hard night 

Flag Counter
Looking towards the racetrack .

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